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To Make A Shakeing Puding
Take A Pint of very good creame A Beaten nutmegg
yn beat 9 Eggs whits and All mix ym with ye cream
and ad A little Rose water and Sugar and Salt, with
2 Spoonfulls of Floure and Strane all these through
A thin Streaner, yn wett A cloth in water and duble
it and Floure it well tie it very Round and Putt
it in when ye water boyles; let it boyle an Houre
yn dish it up with Rose water and Butter and Sugar
Garnish it with Blanched Almonds

To Make a Good Plane Puding
Take a Pint of Cream. boyle it Putt in Sliced
Nutmeg and Sliced ginger of Each A little; Some Sugar
and Salt; beat Six Eggs and when it is could Putt
them in and Straine ym all, then take A manshett
grated and Searsed through A Haire Sive, you
must make it no thicker yn water, tie it fast
and boyle it 3 quarters of An Houre, if it boyl
any longer it will be hard you must observe
ye water boyle before you Putt it In

To Make ye Quantety of 2 Doz of Rise Puding
Take 2 lb of Rise Pickt very clean Seept all night
in milk ye nex day Strane it through A Colinder
as dry as may be yn boyle it in 6 quarts of new
milk untill it be very tender and thick then
drane it Againe Putt in 24 yolks of Eggs 2 or 3 whits
well beaten Stiring it well togeather Putt in sugar and
salt to your taist with 3 nutmeggs Sliced the like quante-
ty of mace Beaten 2 graines of musk Stir them well in
togeather yn take 3 lb of Beef Suett Shredd but not too
Small with 3 lb of corrans, mix all and fill ye gutts but
not too full, boyle ye pupings but Prick ym not when they
are halfe boyled, take ym up and when cold Putt ym in Againe

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