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To Dry Apricocks
Take the fairest and Pailest Apricocks you can
gett not too ripe and to A Pound of Apricock's take
A Pound of duble refined Sugar Allowing an Apricock
or tow Above weight take as much water as
will wett well your Sugar and boyle it up to A
Light candy height; in the mean while pare your
Apricock's and Stone them putting ym in faire
water as you Stone ym break ye Stones and take
out the Kirnells pill ym and Struow ym louse into
the Sirrup; then putt your Apricocks into ye Sirrup
nott too hott turning them in ye Sirrup untill they
are q'uite could then Sett them on ye Fire Againe
And lett them Stand and Scald for halfe an Houre
turning ym Still; then boyle ym till they be tender
as quick as you can but be Sure they be not over
boyled, then lett ym Stand 3 Dayes in ye Sirrup, turn-
ing them twise A day yn putt into every Apricock
A Kirnell and lay them on Sives to drane out
the Sirrup cleane from them then putt ym in your
Tub if you, have itt, or if not, putt ym on glasses
and dry ym in your stow keeping ym very often
Turned Espetially att ye first

To Dry Gousberryes
Or Other Things
Take those yt are prefarved and plump ym
in faire water and draine yn uppon A Sive and dry
them with A cloth And lay ym uppon A cloth
Strew Some fresh Sugar uppon ym and put them in
A Stove turning ym and in 2 or 3 Dayes they
will be dryed for Any thing yt is Red you may
take corse Sugar About 6 [P per?] Pound or cheaper

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