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To Boyl A Brest of Mutton
Pare the Rinde of A good Lemon very thin boyl it
A little to take out ye Bitterness, yn cutt it in good
big Bitts Lard ye Brest of Mutton very thick with
itt Boyl it A Pace with A Bundell of Sweet
Hearbs A little floure in water; for ye Sause take
Some of ye Broth A little White wine A Peese of Butter
2 Anchovies and 3 or 4 Pickled Oyster's; beat all
these togeather, And lay Sippitt's About it

To Stew A Calfes Head
Lay it in water all night next morning wash it and wipe
it dry and when you have done so mix your licquor
for Stewing it in; with must be A Little Sider A little
white Wine and A little Mutton broth A Few capers
20 cornes of whole Pepper; 2 whole Onyons A Bundill
of Sweet hearb's A Little Salt; Paist your Pott up
close so sett it into your Oven take ye Licquor beat
it up with Sweet Butter when it comes out of ye Oven
Putt Sippitts A bout ye Dish Slise A Little Bacon in it
take white Bread thin Sliced Lay ym in Sweet Butter
cutt ym as into broth and Putt into ye Licquor; when
you Sett it into ye Oven; if it be Hott An Houre
will doe itt your Licquor must Allmost cover it when
it comes out of ye Oven; observe ye Following directions
for sause So Serve it up with Cucumbers and Pursley
Lay it Cheek to Cheek when you bake itt;

Sause For A Roasted Legg of Veale
Take corrans and Parboyl ym Putt ye water from ym
and Add Fresh water and Sweet Hearbs Shredd
Small and give ym A Boyl togeather, then put ye yolk's
of 2 or 3 Eggs hard, boyled to ye Sause with Butter
and Vinnegar with Sugar beat all up togeather

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