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To Make Sause for Roasted Rabbetts
Take 2 yolk's of Hard Eggs and As much Butter
with Shred Margerum work ym all togeather and put
them in ye Robbetts belly; and when they are Roasted melt
butter and vinnegar and Putt ye Affore mentioned to itt

To Make Sause for Boyld Samond or any Boyld Fish
Take ye yalks of 2 Eggs halfe An nutmegg Sliced
halfe A Gill of varjus 2 Anchovies cutt Small beat
all togeather and warme ym over ye over ye Fire yn putt in
halfe A Pound of Butter and melt ym togeather beaten
thick put in Oysters and Shrimps with A Lemond Sliced
and Laid upon itt

To Pickle Lemond Skinns for Sallett's
Take ye thickest Lemond Skinns you can gett cutt ym
in Halves take out ye meat and boyl ye Skinns tender
then cutt ym A Slant yt both ye Inner Rind and out may
goe togeather being very thin Sliced then take A Pint of
the best vinnegar and as much water with ye Juce of your
Lemond's and halfe A Pound of Sugar boyl ym like A
Sirrup butt not too long with ye Skinns in itt yn putt ym
in A pott and Keep ym for your use you may put more
Lemonds Skinns to ye Sirrup when those are done onely
boyl ym as before in water

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