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To Stew Cucumbers
Pare your Cucumbers and slice them
as thick as a crown piece & put them into
a sieve to drain, then lay them in a coarse
cloth till they are dry, flour them and fry
them brown in butter, pour out the fat, then
put to them some good gravy well pepperd
and let them stew a little while and take
a piece of butter as big as a walnut rolled
in flour, [& take?] them together and when
is thick dish them up
To Fricasee Eggs
Boil six or eight Eggs hard, take off the
shells cut them into quarters or halves, have
ready a Gill of cream and a quarter of a
pound of first butter stir it together over
the fire till it is thick and smooth, then
Lay the Eggs in your dish and pour the
sauce over them

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