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To Make Milk water for A consumtion
Take A Gallon of new milk and Putt into it A Pound
of White Bread crumb's with ye whits of Tenn Eggs
well beaten Add 1 quart of Snales brused An ounce of
Nutmegg's of mint Balme and Dandelions Each 1 Handfull
And A Halfe, with 2 Handfulls of Cardu's; before you
still it lett ym Steep 2 or 3 houres and yn Still it in A cold
still, if you give this to one in great weakness, lett ym
drink A good Dose Every Day and 1 Great Glass Every
morn and night you may sweeten it As you please this
is Approve'd

To Strengthen The Reines
Take of Iseinglass A quarter of a Pound, one ounce of
Cinamon one ounce of nutmeggs A quarter of a Pound of
Lofe Sugar A Pint of Sack first boyl your Iseinglass
in a Pottle of Spring water; and lett it boyl till it comes
to A Quart yn take it and Strane it through A cleane
cloth yn Putt your Sack into it and lett ym boyle togeather
A little yn take your Spices being all bett Small and mingled
A little Space; yn take ym off ye Fire and putt it into A
Puther dish keeping Stiring till it comes to A Jelly, Take
of itt ye quantety of An Egg when you goe to Bed and in ye
morning ye like quantety butt you must not eat nor drink;
of Three or Fower Houres after it Probutum est 1664

For The Gravill
Take Oyle Turpentine one ounce oyle of nutmegg
Forty drops mix ym well together, and take
Thirty drops Every morning in A Glass of White
wine or Any Licquor yt you Like

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