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=== A Receipt for A Rupter Eather for
Man Woman or Child from one moneth
Old to three Score Yeares and upward ===
Take one Head of Garlick 2 Handfulls of mouse
Ear one Hand full of Knott grass 1 Red cumphera
Root j Handfull of White Moones yt groues in ye
Feilds, one hand full of wett Arke Angylls lett all these be well washt and the
Roots and Garlick Slist yn boyle ym in 3
quarts of Spring Water untill it comes to tow
then sweeten it with broune sugar candy and so
drink of it as often as you please on A Day

To the Place So Grieved Apply
A quarter of An Ounce of Lucatella's Balsome
A Spoonfull of Red Pounded Cumphera Roots
mix ym well togeather and lett ym be spred
uppon ye Fleshe Side of Sheeps leather somthing
broader yn ye Place Renew ye Plaister once
In five Dayes
It will not Cure A man or Woman save
in February and March As for A child
it is A Perfect Cuer att any Time of ye year

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Archangels probably refers to Black Stinking Horehound (ballota nigra).