1871-1900 Yaquina Head Lighthouse Letter books


Box 251 YB YH reprimand stove 1874 to 1875



Buoyage Coos Bay & Yaquina Bay

Renewal of agreement for

Dec. 5th 79


Referring to your letter of Nov. 24th, asking directions relative to the renewal of the agreement for the care of the buoys in Coos Bay and Yaquina Bay, I have to say that the Board desires you to make the best terms you can for the care of these buoys for the present.

It is believed that the tender Shubrick will be permanently assigned to the 13th L.H. District early in Feb'y, and that she will be able to attend to the buoyage of the entire district.

Very respectfully, Geo. Dewey Commander, U.S.N. Naval Secretary

Lieut. G.C. Reiter U.S.N. Inspector 13th LH District Portland, Oregon

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