1871-1900 Yaquina Head Lighthouse Letter books

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1870-73 Lighthouse Board Annual Reports



1870 Clerk will be competent to make out and certify to this abstract.

1871 Jan. 4.


From Engineer Secretary Elliot. To Col. R.S. Williamson Corps of Engineers. Sir: Herewith there is sent to you a bound volume for each of your offices, containing Plans and Specifications of Light Houses at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina and St Simons Georgia.

Jan. 11. From Chrmn. L.H.B. Rear Adml. W.B. Shubrick. To Col. R.S. Williamson Corps Engineers. Sir: Herewith is sent to you a copy of an authorization of the Honorable the Secretary of War for the erection of a house and shop for the Lampist of the Pacific Coast, on the Presidio Military Reservation. The Board requires that the Lampist shall live on the Reservation, and it is desirable that he shall be as near the public wharf at Fort Point as the Military authorities will allow. You are requested to forward

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