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Tuesday, January 22, 1918

Tuesday, January 22, 1918

Snowed a gain to day. It snowed until a bout twelve oclock. It is clear to night. Ben has bin at home alday. He worked on a ground slide some. Marvin did not go to Gretna today. He came down and made pathes for us. Josie got dinner and brought water to night and fed the calves.

Ben milked for me this morning. Ben made the fire in the stove this morning the first time this year.

I got breakfast and washed dishes at breakfast and dinner. Certainly have enjoyed sitting by the fire the most of the time this winter. I have made a pair of gloves two night caps and pieced the top of a pillow to day.

10 oclock

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Monday, February  4, 1918

Monday, February 4, 1918

A clear colde windy day. Ben cut some in the woods. I got dinner. Josie sewed on her quilt. This evening she went to Marvins a while. Come home and fed the chickens and calves. Brought water. I staid by the fire all the time that I could. I am hookin a mat don't know yet a bout finishin it.

Henry is still improving hope he will soon be well.

9 45 oclock

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Tuesday, July  2, 1918

Tuesday, July 2, 1918

A good bright day.

The men folks plowed in the corn. Marvin got up hay. Josie washed.

Mrs Owen and Mrs Winston and Hattie Gilbert all gave us a mess of snaps to day. We have got good neighbors.

This evening Henry and I walked to Mr Creasys fish pond. The water is so low that you cant fish in it to catch anything.

We come back by Kates. She was at home by her self. Virginia was at Reynolds's. 10 oclock

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Saturday, December  7, 1918

Saturday, December 7, 1918

A cloudy day. Ben worked on Owens house. It has bin a busy day with Josie and I. Josie ironed most all day.

I went down to the cook room 15 to four oclock made a fire washed the supper dishes then got breakfast. Called the rest of them then we eat. After breakfast I cut up two pumpkins and put them on to cook then put on some meat to cook fed two calves and brought a bucket of water then milked two cows and sloped the pigs put on a liver and face to make scrappel then churned. Josie made bread and coffee for dinner. I washed up a lot of things and took up the meat for dinner then eat dinner. Took up the pumpkins and meat for scrapple and made the scrappel. Janie Gravley and Lucius Muriel Gravley and Effie Brumfield stopped here a few minutes on their way home from Danville. Well I have not room for any more.

9 oclock

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Monday, April 21, 1919

Monday, April 21, 1919

A good day. Lizzie was here this morning. She went to Carries and eat dinner. Ben & family and I went to Creasys fish pond. They drewed the water off. They caugh several nice fish and a lot of turtles.

I came back to Marvins and eat dinner. Josie come up there & the children. They had an egg hunt and had some nice candy. Lizzie and I went to Johnson Reynols. Mollie was not at home. She & Robert and Christenie & Janie Brumfield had gone to Jim Thomsons.

We went to see Nanie a while. Mrs Yeats was at Posies.

Jim Brumfield come home this evening.

Ben & Mr Mayhew went to Gretna this evening and got Bens wire for a fence.

10 oclock

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