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XM690_ICDMS_lowres The organization of Australian tribes



6A[Table][Title]The Kurnai Tribe

Column 1 - Clans, row 1(i) Krauat-ŭn-galŭngfrom Kanat = east; galŭng= a possessive [postfix?] = of or belonging to the sea coast from near Cape Everard to the Snowy River, all that river with its tributaries up to about [Willis?]; the sea coast from the Snowy River to the Entrance to the Gippsland Lakes with all streams flowing into Ewings Marsh and [Ru?yers?] -

[Column 1, row 2](2) [Brabralung?] - from Bra-bra manly and (ga)lung = if or belonging to all the [crossed out - country waters of the] drainage areas of the Tambo, Mitchell, and Nicholson Rivers with the [?] tributaries to their extreme sources, also to the weir on the Mitchell River to Providence Ponds, with a corresponding frontage to the Gippsland Lakes.

[Column 1, row 3](3) Bra-yak-(g)alŭng = him Bra = man, yak = west - all the country west of Providence Ponds watered by the Avon, [crossed out - River]] Macalister [crossed out - and] Thompson and Latrobe Rivers down to the junction of these into [?] & thence [?] valley the eastern bank of the Latrobe to Lake Wellington thence - eastward by the [?] to [somewhere?] near [?], thence northward to Providence Ponds.

Column 2 Title - Lesser [?]Row 1 - a) Ben – Sydenham Inletb) Dūra – 12 miles up the Snowy River from the seac) Wūrnŭng-gattung – Lake Tyersd) Brt-bitta (= a hollow in the ground)– Jimmy’s Point – entrance to Gippsland Lakes

Row 2 - (e) Bruthen, in the Tambo River(f) Waiŭng = widgeon - near Bairnsdale in the Mitchell River(g) Wŭk-wŭk = Lindeman Flat. Mitchell River(h) Mŭnji = on the north shore of Lake Victoria= There! or "the place of" e.g. -?(i) Dairgo - on the Dargo River

Row 3(k) Kŭtbūn-baura from Kŭtbūn = to have or carry and baura = fire. The name also of a hill or the upper Avon River.(l) Bŭnjil Nŭlŭng - the country between the Avon River and the Eastern boundary of the clan, south of Stratford - Bŭnjil = personal appelates of the older men-Nŭlŭng = mud. Named after the Head man of the division at the time when Gippsland was settled by the whites -(m) Bunjil-clan - the country between the Avon and the Macalister Rivers. Dan = emu - the name of a Head man -(n) Bunjil-Kraura from Kraura = west wind [Northern?] country of the clan west of [north?] to them almost impenetrable forested scrub in west Gippsland from the name of the Headman.

Column 3 title Wives fromRow 1 a) wives from b c d and Mallagoota Inlet and Twofold Bayb) wives from c a t and [p. 13] Bina-jera (the long strip of sandy and swampy country lying between the Gippsland lakes and the sea as far as the Entrance to the Lakesc) Brüthen – on the Tambo River – Waiūng Widgeon – near Bairnsdale Mitchell River and Kŭbbūn laura – Upper Avon Riverd) b and Bina-jera (see b) or is it I = Būnjil Nŭlŭng – between Avon River and eastern boundary of clan south of the Stratford

wives toa) b c d k Twofold Bay Mallagoota Inletb) c e g t Bina-jerac) Bruthen Waiūng Widgeon Kŭbbūn laura and Bina-jerad) b or I and Bina-jera

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XM188_ICDMS_lowres Hagenauer to Howitt 1 May 1880



Ramahyuck May 1st 1880

Dear Mr. HowittI received your note of the 26thultimo in due time and called yesterdayat your office at Sale, but didnot find you,so I give you the information about the nameof the tribes mentioned, andhope when I seeyou to have a longer talk about it, for youseem not to have had any informationon the subject.

I Tarrawarracka Tribe, or news ofthe Tarra family.lived at Port Albert, Tarraville, Alberton;in 1862 I found 17 still alive, but now there isonly Jimmy Fetched and old Lamfrie's wife

Bellum Bellum - Woodside, Prospect and alongthe seacoast along Reeves Lake.Only alive now: Tommy Arnott and AlbertDarby others are all dead.This was the tribe or family of oldMorgan in 1862.

Woollum Wullum, Hilltop along the Latrobe asfar as Rosedale; still aliveColeman, Lily - was old King Jimmycountry.

Moona and Ngattbau - from Stratford downto Lake Victoria old Ngary's country.

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hw0404 Notes on Kurnai 150 pages



64Bobby Coleman (Kūlŭtba)I was born at Brt-gŭtta, just over there at theHill Top. My father’s name was Kūlŭtbafrom Bellum Bellum, that is McNaughtensStraits. “Old Morgan” was my Babŭk. I thinkBellum is the name of a small fish. Mymother was a Brabra from nearMūnji not far from Butlers. I am aBrataua – belonging to the Yonŭng – Iam almost half Briaka. My fatherbelonged [the – crossed out] to the same mob as JemmyFidgett – that is Yonŭng. Tommy Hoddinotalso belonged to Yonŭng. The Yonŭng are realBrataua. My country goes down the LatrobeRiver from the bridge. Up the river belonged to the Briaka. I have heard of NollumNollum – I think it is up near the Tanjil.The Brataua had three mobs, Yonŭng atWarrigal creek, Delin at Buckleys, and Kŭtwŭt which is the first river at the [end – crossed out]other side the open country going to the diggingsat Sticky aid creek. The river is in a deepgully and [has – crossed out] there is an island before when itcomes out. The Tarra belonged to Yonŭng.A place called Yonŭng [?Gatti?] belonged to Delin. It is what is now called Tuckerpoint.Yonung get wives from Delin, Bunjil KrauraRamayŭk, [?Kŭtbrŭitaura?]. Delin got wivesfrom Bunjil Kraura, Baul Baul.Kūbwŭt from Yonung gatty, Bunjil Nellung. I know this because I remember women who came from these places.

[written in left side margin, next to line about Sticky aid creek]Agnes River

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hw0391 Notes by Howitt on Kulin from Barak




Called by Braiaka and Brabra Wea-wŭk the Bad countryThe Bad country called in the Woeˈwūrŭng language Márine Bek (Bek country)the flesh of game was Márine-qui-alp? (ji-ak of Kulin [crossed out] Kurnai] .The water was Márine barn (yarn of Kamai)

All the country between the Yarra River[from about Lilyd - crossed out] up as far as Gardner Ck - then by Gardner Ck up to Dandenong then by source of Dandenong Ck +c+c up to Latrobe River; thence by right bank of Latrobe to Lake then by Lake to Lakes Entrancethen by sea coast to mouth of Murraywas called “the bad country” ------------It included the Westernport blacks – the Bratawalung the Tatungalang (called by Tommy Hoddenot Katungal)This country was regarded as very injurious to strangers. If a strange black came onto it on a visit it was necessary that he should have some one to “look after him”. It was necessary during this first visit that he should never be left alone without some one to see to him; if his guardian went hunting or fishing he deputed some one in his stead. The visitor was fed with [m - crossed out] food from the point of a stick [which - crossed out] and he took it in his teeth and not in his hands; this food of meat was smoked; water that he drank was stirred with a smoked stick; he was not allowed to sit or sleep on the ground except in a raised couch of branches and leaves which were also well smoked, to keep off the evil influence of the country. [This is - crossed out] The care of the visitor extended even to his being asleep and in calls of nature.

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XM514_ICDMS_lowres Notes from Field Inspector Roe, WA



The Classes of the Kurni1. Kroatungolung The whole of the Snowy Rv +Buchan River[Boggy Ck - crossed out]Lake TyersEast coastKroat=East - Lung= Mūngan = Father (man?)divisions and boundaries wanted

2. Brabrolung Bra=man the whole of the MitchellRiver 3 mobs (see Toolibar's account) Nicholson + TamboRivers

3. Tatūngolung = Ta= south Between Lakes+ SeaAll the land lying between the Gippsland lakes and the seaextending also west to Buckleys river, thence by that rivervia Bayles or Baileys morass to junction of Thomson + Latrobethence by Latrobe to Lakes. Also all the islands in the Lakes except Flannigans Island which belongs to the Brabrolung.Divisions - Binnajerra near Boul Boul (pronounced as in Fowl)Gnarrawut Lake VictoriaYūnthur The remainder to the westMarriage forbidden in the division maybe in among otherdivision or in any other class.

4. Bratowlung [South - crossed out] Fall to sea from the --- Range[Western boundary of the Tatūngolung - crossed out]Boundary by Buckley's River the to range at head therein nearjunction of Latrobe + Thomson Rivers. Thence by the saidrange [towards - crossed out] westward to the Great scrubs and extendingwestwards to [the - crossed out] near the Tarwin River thence to the sea coastwest of Wilsons Promontory.Divisions Yowung Kutwut DelinWarrigal ck Wilsons promontory Buckleys River

5 Briakolung Latrobe, Thomson Mcalisterand Avon RiversBoundaries

[written in left side margin]where is meaning ofBenTūraWūrunngattyBinnajerraGnarrawutYunthurYowungKutwutDelin

are thesenames of birds?

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