Howitt and Fison Papers


XM21 Charles Barrett to Howitt 28 September 1907



Telegraphic AddressPooncarieMallara StationWentworth, NSW

Sept 28th 1907

A W Howitt Esqr Metung

Dear SirYours of Sept 16th to hand I am close to Police reports as to numbers of blacks in Wentworth + Pooncarie districts i.e numbers of blacks on the Lower Darling in the original state. Old Mrs McLean of Poliatold me she had seen them 1200 strong going down on their annual tour to Lake Victoria. The blacks died off from small pox. The blacks told me at that time they died so fast that the living were not able to bury the dead a great many died at another time from measles. The Blacks at the Rufus + Lake Victoria Ihave no idea but rumour says there was 700killed at the fight on the Rufus of which you no doubt know the particulars. I know a Black named Warra wonna who what [sic] in the fight. Question No. 3 you will see in the Police reports. The blacks have seen to have intermarried all round. There are orwas Lubras from Cobham Lake Mundi

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XM690 The organization of Australian tribes




the boundaries of these subtribes were well defined and no one must pass beyond them in search of food.

[Line across page]

West of the Darling River and extending to the Barrier and Grey Ranges Ranges in the west, the the Warrego River in the --- and having a frontage to the Darling RIver from about 50 miles north of the junction of the Warrego & Darling to about ---[not named in text] as below Wilcannia there were at least ten tribes which divided the country between them, being themselves divided up into still smaller groups (Hordes).

But in the other hand some of these ten tribes may be arranged in two larger groups to which the term "nation" is not inapplicable. The tribes 1. 2. & 4 constituted the [Itch-u-mundi? or itch-u-nundi? ] Nation and the tribe 9. and 10. were the [Kara-mundi?] Nation.

[Left margin] Itchunundi [with brackest to 1, 2, 4, 3]

1 - (1) Wilya, [underlined] occupying the country about the Grey Ranges and having its head quarters at Endeavour Lake. 2 - (2) Kongaita [underlined] - North and South of [?] Range and having its head quarters at Cobham Lake 4 - (3) [Boolali?] [underlined] occupying the Barrier Range Country and having its head Quarters at Poolamacca and Sturts meadow3 - (4) Tongarauka [underlined] occupying the country including Momba Tarella, Wonominta and Yandarlo, also the Daubeny Range and having its head Quarters at Momba and Tarella The name means a "hillside" or "under a hill".

[Left margin note] Karamundi [with brackets to 5, 6, 7, 8]

5 - (5) [Milpultho?]. [underlined] The Darling River frontage from Wilcannia down to ---- [no place written] 6 - [6&7 overwritten] - (6) Nanalko. [underlined] The Darling RIver frontage sfrom Wilcannia up to about 70 miles below Bourke. 7 - (7) [Gūerno?] Thence up the River to Bourke 8 - [arrow from 6 to here] (9) [Bŭrumbinya?] [underlined] From Bourke up to the Barwan River 9 - (9) Badjeri. [underlined] The tribe extends up the Warrego River from a point about 50 miles north of the junction of the Warrego/Warrego River with the Darling/Darling River and up the Warrego/Warrego River to ---- [no place recorded]

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hw0169 Feehan to Howitt 10/09/1898



(3) Parooingie extends down theParoo to Batha Batha (a shallowwater hole in Goorinpa. At one timethere was an outstation of Sutton atBatha Batha) and embraces thecountry of the Baurna + Guenu tribes.(4) Badjen The tribe ran in Paroofrom Cunawinya near Hungerford to Sulo(5) Kingaine about Cobham Lake(6) Nothing is known about here ofcontact of 2 3 4 class systemThe head stock man or manager ofNocalunya was for 20/30 years onthe Balloo + should be able give [sic]information you require. I forgethis name but Hughes is the ownerThe marriage you refer to in yourletter of the 25 July would be thecorrect course amongst theParooingie.I amYours faithfullyMaurice I A Feehan

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