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XM690 The organization of Australian tribes




their occurrence in other more backward standing tribesover a vast extent of Central Australia, but also from the numerous references to certain animals as the "sons of Bunjil" which play a great part in the myths of this tribe (1).

[Left margin note - (1) quote old tales from new lands &c-]

The Woeworung was on of a large related group, or "nation" tribes which occupied the greater part of Central Victoria - from the Sea [crossed out - to] nearly to the banks of the River Murray. [Crossed out - The Woeworung tribe was divided into certain] [crossed out - clans as follows: - the people] The Woeworung language was spoken over the Yarra River watershed, and as far South inland as [crossed out - Dandenong] Cranbourne - western Werribee River and northwards to Mt Macedon: But these people did not form all one tribe being divided locally as follows:- giving the names of the Headman [crossed out - who] at the time of settlement of Victoria.


[Title] Wŭrunjeri (Wŭrun = white gum tree)[Column 1](3) The Real Wurunjeri [underlined] The Upper Yarra [crossed out - from]including Yarra Flats - Northern slope of Dandenong Mtns.Southern [Mackay?]

[Column 2](a) [Kurnage-belung?] [underlined]Yarra R from Yarra Flat down - the Plenty R (b) Bebejan [underlined] Saltwater River up to Mt Macedon [Billibilleri?] [underlined]

[Column 3]Boiberit [underlined]west of Sunbury and Werribee.Bŭng-erim

All the Wurunijeri spoke the Woeworung language excepting the Berberits who spoke a dialect called [thŭri-wurung?] - But all were of the Waang class (crow).

The clan law which which required them as waang crows to obtain wives from people who were Bunjil (Eaglehawk), the segregation of the two class names severally into localities [crossed out - also] [?] about a law which was local in its application.

Thus [crossed out - taking] the men of that subdivision of the [crossed out - tribes] Wurunjeri [crossed out - also] [crossed out - of the Woeworung for speaking people] who lived in the Yarra about where Kew and the eastern the suburbs now are, [crossed out - the] were being crow [underlined] obliged to take wives from the Ngarūk Willŭm living about Dandenong who although also speaking Woeworūng were Eaglehawk [underlined], from the Gūnŭng [crossed out - willum] Ballŭk who were Eaglehawk lived near Mt Macedon but spoke Būnwurung language, from the Būthera balluk who were Eaglehawk lived near Seymour on the Goulburn River [crossed out - and spoke ?] from the Waring (cave) illŭm ballŭk who were Eaglehawk and lived on the Yea River, from the BalŭungKara Muttŭng who were

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husband nangūrūng husbands broth. nangūrūng husband sist husband bangan or dedjetBrothers wife birmbangF. brother wife ūmŭrkwife - birmbang or ūmŭrk xwife sister birmbangwife sister husband Kairep (friend)F Sist husband nangūrūng F Brothers wife Yumŭrk [or birmbang - crossed out] xM wifes brother [brother's wife -crossed out] goreitch M sister's Husband [ūmŭrk, birmbang - crossed out] x

M wae- M wee F wee_______ __________F Bunjil F Bunjil M Bunjil


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Notes on the aborigines of Yarra tribe

Kūlin - Westernport Kūlin down toTarwin - both sideBū nū rūng.go to Geelong - Bacchus Marsh - Mt MacedonKilmore, Benalla, WangarattaBuffalo River __________________William's tribe BunyipAll [?Westernport?] - Mount MacedonKilmore, Heidelberg.Plenty River, Kangaroo Ground.1 about Kew - Ūrŭndjeri willŭm2 [Westernport - crossed out] Cranbourne - Būlūk-willŭm3 Dandenong - Ngairāk-willŭm[Cannot read word]4. Mordiallok - Būnwūrŭng

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red groundWerribee - Kūrūng jang5 ballŭk(mob)

Mt Macedon - gūnŭng willŭm6 ballŭk

Kilmore neera - ballŭk7 neera = deep gully[Kilmore and Seymour bracketted together]Seymour - Būthera ballŭk8 Alexandra - yowŭng illungMansfield balluk 9Head of Muddy Creek - Warring-illum10 ballŭkBig swampBelow Benalla - [Yarrun - crossed out] Yeerŭm illŭm11 ballŭkCape Schank - Būn mūrŭng12 ballŭkcannot [??] them much good friends

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Wangaratta - Ballŭng Kara13 mittang[crossed out - ballŭk]būlla14. Wŭdthowrung ballŭkGeelong[1 from Geelong - to Geelong + Seymour - crossed out]1 to 14 - from Bacchus Marsh Grey BallŭkThallin Willŭn-at Bullingerook6. from same as five7. from of Bacchus Marsh & fromDandenong8. from Ngouranglŭng būllaat MurchisonNgouranglŭng būlla fromEchucha are calledBaingerang

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[Drawing of grave and placement of body in foetal position]

Murawin now was stuckin ground by his right hand. [Buaurn? a Mūrŭp crossed out]When my father [mother?] was buried the old man from Dandenong

- half ngŭrungait and half Doctor said give him a murriwun in his right hand he never missed a Kangaroo -

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Yerun illum Kūlin eat flesh belonging to all leg and foot and arms. 1. 3, 5 7 13 ------8. 9 & kidney fat. (11 & 14) kidney fat. Western Port blacks [drink?]the blood, as well asarm and legs 2. 4. 12

Eat skin only - of legs & [arms?] 8. 9.[7 crossed out]_______________________________________Jajawrung blacks caught an old man frm Yarraand took out his kidney fat he went as far as [Betty Oak?]and died.

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Where is track on whichboughs were laid?

Follow Railway from Dandenongturn to left about 6 miles

Redgum - Bialwhat is the Urūnjeri treewhite gum

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Mernda = Mt. St.LeonardsMountain Healesvilleside of Fisher CreekKan

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