Howitt and Fison Papers


tip70-10-23-1 Fuller to Fison 15/7/1872



[table]Return of Words not translated

BurrangunMy Mother's sister's daughter's son F

BurryungunMy sister's daughter M[ditto line above] F[ditto for My] father's brother's daughter's son F[ditto for My father's brother's] daughter's daughter F[ditto My] mother's sister's [ditto daughter's daughter] F

KingortunmeMy wife's grandmother

KoreethenmeMy mother's sister's daughter's husband F

KullabelungMy brother's daughter's husband M[ditto line above] F[ditto My] father's sister's [ditto daughter's husband] F

KullorthunmeMy son in law F

KullunmeenMy father's sister's daughter's husband M[ditto My] wife's father [ditto My] son in law M

KumamaMy father's brother's gt. gt. grandson[ditto My father's brother's gt. gt.] granddaughter

KummeenunmeeMy sister's granddaughter F

KummummeMy father's mother[ditto My father's] mother's sister[ditto My] husband's mother

KummunMy sister's son's wife F[ditto My sister's' grandson F

Kunnee Kunnee?ullyMy great granddaughter[ditto My] sister's great grandson M[ditto My sister's great] granddaughter M[ditto My] husband's grandfather

KunnyMy great grandson[ditto My] mother's brother's daughter's husband M

KunnykunMy gt gt granddaughter

KunnythunmeMy mother's brother's daughter's husband F

MybeenMy brother's son's wife M[ditto My brother's] grandson M[ditto My brother's] granddaughter M[ditto My] sister's great grandson F[ditto My] brother's son's wife F[ditto My brother's] grandson F[ditto My] father's brother's gt. grandson M[ditto line above] F[ditto My father's brother's ] gt. granddaughter M[ditto line above][ditto My father's] sister's son's son M[ditto line above][ditto My father's] sister's son's daughter M[ditto line above[ditto My father's] sister's gt. grandson[ditto My father's sister's] gt. granddaughter[ditto My] mother's sister's gt grandson M[ditto line above] F[ditto My mother's sister's] gt granddaughter[ditto My mother's] brother's son's son M[ditto line above] F[ditto My mother's brother's son's daughter M[ditto My mother's brother's gt. grandson[ditto My] father's father[ditto My] daughter in law M[ditto line above] F

MybeengunMy granddaughter

MybeentunmeMy sister's gt granddaughter F[ditto My] mother's brother's son's wife M[ditto line above] F[ditto My mother's brother's] son's daughter F[ditto My mother's brother's] gt gt grandson


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