Howitt and Fison Papers


tip70-10-23-1 Fuller to Fison 15/7/1872





MymeeMy sister's son's wife M[ditto My] father's mother's brother[ditto My father's] father's father[ditto My father's father's] father's brother[ditto My] husband's father

MynunmeMy brother's gt grandson F

NathunMy father's sister's gt grandson[ditto My father's sister's] gt granddaughter[ditto My father's] father's father's sister

NullangunMy sister's daughter's husband F[ditto My] wife's mother

NullanunmeMy sister's daughter's husband M

NuntyMy great grandson

NuntyyhanmeMy sister's grandson M[ditto My sister's] granddaughter M[ditto My] mother's father's father[ditto My mother's father's] father's brother

NurrenungMy father's brother's son's wife M[ditto line above] F[ditto My] mother's sister's son's wife M[ditto line above] F

NurringunMy sister in law - husband's sister[ditto My sister in law] - brother's wife M[ditto line above] F

TummyyunMy mother's younger sister M

TunkiyerMy brother in law - wife's sister's husband

UrroarinMy brother in law - husband's brother[ditto My brother in law] sister's husband M[ditto line above] F[ditto My brother in law] wife's brother

WinneergunMy mother's elder sister M

YumunMy mother's brother's daughter M[ditto line above] F[ditto My mother's] brother's gt gt granddaughter

Yurorne YurorneMy mother's father's father's sister

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tip70-10-23-3 Fison Diagrams of Fraser Island Tribe



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A. 1

sister sisterdaughter daughterdaughter yawning daughternyour

A. 2

sister sisterson sonson wuthun sonnoon

A. 3sister sisterson daughterson yumun daughter

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