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tip70-10-5-2 Fison to Frazer 28/4/05




L. Fison28 April 1905

J. G. Frazer Esq D. Sc etc. etc.Trinity CollegeCambridgeEngland

[written sideways on left side of envelope]King Thakombau andDr Fison re landin Fiji

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tip70-10-24-3 Taplin to Fison and Smithsonian Schedule



relationships may be owingto an intermixture of theraces. There is evidently anintermixture in thesetribes. The narrinyeri havecustoms precisely similarto those of the Samoansand other customs the exactcounterpart of those foundin Taima. The nahakof the Tannese (SeeDr G Turner's Nineteen yearsin Polynesia) as exactlylike the Narrinyeranngadhungi. I have foundthis characteristic customtoo 700 miles north ofAdelaide amongst thetribes there. That is, myBrother who resided theresent me an account of it as a curiosity.I have collected andtabulated a number of words from some 18Australian languages.I sent a copy of thistable to England and itcame into the hands of Max Muller.

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tip70-10-24-4 Taplin to Fison 7/1/1873



No. 1 1 - Ngailye Point Macleay7 January 1873

The Revd L FisonMy dear SirI have to apologize for nothaving answered your letters of the 16thNovr and 13 Decr last before now. Ithas been harvest time, and is so stilland I have been very busy. I have the management of a large Farmin connection with this Station in addition to other duties, and the work has absorbed the whole of mytime. I especially thank you for your last letter, as I had no ideathat the paper on Native Languagehad been published and am verymuch obliged to you for letting meknow of it. At the request ofthe Aborigines Department in the Government of this Colony, I sent intwo papers, one on the Diseases of the Aborigines, and another, with a table of languages, on the language of the Aborigines. His Excellency SirJas Fergusson sent them to Englandand I received through him thethanks of Earl Kimberly, and anexpression of opinion from MaxMuller that they were of value.

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XM297 Roth to Howitt 28/2/1904



Department of Public LandsBrisbane28/2/1904

Dear Mr HowittJust a line to that Iam only too glad to be of anyservice to you - I attach the AnnanRiver tribe relationship as requested.If there is anything else you want pray dont hesitate to let me know.The above address will alwaysfind me.

I am very sorry indeed to learn that you should have ommitted inyour coming work the MSS notesreceived from poor E. Palmer etcbecause they belonged to my province!I am only too glad to be of any use to anybody like yourself whotakes a scientific interest in ournatives. Of course, if you don'tmake use of Palmer's notes I shallbe glad to go through them - he was a very careful observer - and utilise anythingif available.

My wife is on her way home to England-otherwise, she would join me in all good wishesalways sincerely yoursW E Roth

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hw0245 Christison to Howitt 1884/09/23



in burra [underlined] except one. For instance this district is Balleburra, the next Pouleburraand so on to the eleventh, but the twelfthis Goamulga. I have learned a great deal about the natives in a general wayI have them all about me now, all theboys do my station work, I have had themall baptized, and took one to Englandon my last trip. My experience is thatunder judicious treatment they are a very fair specimen of humanity.

I have a gang of boys here, I could crossthe Continent with, in fact I prefer them, for cattle work to Europeans. I couldrelate some captial anecdotes about themin the early days, but if your book is merelya scientific one, they would be out ofplace. May I ask if you are the samewho took charge of the relief party insearch of Burke + Wills?

I am an old explorer myself, and

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