Howitt and Fison Papers


tip70-10-24-6 Taplin to Fison 22/9/1873



2as far as Western Australia. The PortLincoln word for it is Kapi. King GeorgesSound Kypi, (also yemat + Kowin) and Swan River, Kypbi gabbi and djanDo you know if there is any record of the language of the Tasmanian Aborigines? I wish I could get alist of words.The Anthropological Instituteof Great Britain have been kindenough to send me a few copiesof that paper on Native Languagewhich they printed. I do not knowwhether you have a copy of thePublication in which it appearedif however you have not perhaosyou might like to have a cpyso I will risk it and send you onewith this. If you should have an opportunity of getting a listof Aboriginal Words to fit this table at any time I should be gratefulfor them. I am so anxious to seeif I can trace the lines of migrationor immigration by the languages,also the points where lines crossed each other or united. We havean instance of migration inSir T Mitchells case. In hisexploration of the Bogan and upperDarling he found a tribe which wasvery hostile and afterwards hemet the same tribe when he wentacross to the Darling junction by

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