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47W Montgomery

BurialIn the year/44 when Robinson (Protector) came overto see the district. [with - crossed out] In riding down [??] at Heartalong back of [?morass?] - his two Murray Black policefound a skeleton doubled up in a [??] tree- eight feet from ground not wrapped up in anything.[Another time the - crossed out] The blacks [??] [one ?? - crossed out] a ginat the Heart in [??] made in an Ant heap.Scooped out the inside [??] [??] She was wrapped up inher possum cloak and tied up. They mourned for her fromtwo or three days. Bobby the Blackfellow was buriedin hole in the ground - did not carry him about- because they were then about the station - were not travelling about except periodically.-

CorroboreesWere painted - eyebrows white, [??] white + red + white stripe. And had a kilt + budda budden.One dancer was representing Kangaroos. Representingthe actions of Kangaroos. The gins sang and oldmen beating time. Some [songs - crossed out] corroborees weremerry + some monotonous.

WomenWhen stranger came the women used to carefullycover themselves up with their rugs.Women generally wore possum cloaks. The mensometimes went about naked but also equally worethe budda + kaiang - perhaps more often than not.Montgomery brought them in - in 1846-47 at theHead + had no more trouble after - Jimmy Scottwas a little boy about 10 years old.

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