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Harry Daramung han [sic] for Thundung a bird called Gliun (the Porp melanotis). When he was a small boy his father said to him "That is your Thundung, you will have it when I die". Do not killbit [sic]Big Charley's Thundung is twofold being both of the Congereels.The Burra which is the smaller one and the Noy-yang which is the larger one. He eats both of them.King Charley is also of these totems and could also eat of them.Tulaba's Thundug [sic] was the Jira (kangaruu) [sic].Big Joe's was the Thurung the Tiger snake.Billy Jumbuck's was the Thurung the tiger snake.Old Timothy (Bunjil barlajan) was ?

When Mr Bulmer was with Billy Jumbuck in the bush, the latter was walking along side of a tiger snake which was wriggling alongbeside of him. Mr Bulmer said "What is that?, Billy replied "That one belonga me", and was very angry because Mr Bulmer killedit.

Those cases of natives both men and women, who had tame anija [sic]show that they were their totema for instance Bunjil Bataluk,who had a tame Iguana, Old Lawson''s wife who had a tame native cat, of another who had a tame snake and so on.

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Name, Native Place, Division of Tribe, Wife's division of tribe

William McDougall, Raymond Island, Tatoonkolong, BrabolongTuleba, Bruthen, Brabolong, BrabolongWilliam Thorpe, Bairnsdale, Brabrolong, *Ngrangit the entrancal Blacks.Neddy O'Rourke, Lakes Entrance, Ngrangit, Braberry worcutTommy Johnson, Snowy River, Kroathun, Yacktoon worcutDick Cooper, Tatoonkolong, Tatoonkolong, Lowajerak Buffalo womanLarry Johnson, Snowy River, Kroatunkoolong, NrangitTimothy, Snowy River, Kroathun, TatoonkolongBilly the Bull, Lake Entrance, Ngrangit, Yacktoon worcutJacky Jacky, Lake Tyres, Warrnangatty, Yacktoon worcutBilly Jumbuck, Lake Tyres, Warnangatty, KroatoonYelmi, Lake Entrance, Ngrangit, BraberryDan, Lakes Entrance, Ngrangit, KroatoonKerlip Tom Snowy River, Kroatun, NgrangitBig Charley, Snowy River, Kroatun, Yucktoon worcutLamby, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Brabeerry Brathu (turee)*Charley Rivers, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, BraberryBobby Brown, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Ngrangit Ngrangit (both wives)Charley Muir, Bruthen, Braberry, KroathunKing Charley, Snowy River, Kroatun, Lowajerak BrabolongBen Jennings, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Warrangatty Charley Alexander, Snowy River, Kroatunkolong, LowajerakSinging Johnny, Maneroo, Brajerak, LowajerakMunday, Maneroo, Brajerak, BidwellJohnny the plater, Snowy River, Kroatunkolong, KroatunMurray Jack, Maneroo, Brajerak, LowerjerakLawson, Scrub black, Bidwell, Bidwell. Jack Hay, Maneroo, Brajerak, Brabrolong taken by theftJimmy Thompson, Maneroo, Brajerak, Braberry Paddy, Sale, Brajerak, Kroatun worcut has girls - to himdid not marryHanner, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Yacktoon worcutKing Tom, Bool Bool, Tatoonkolong, Yacktoon

Ngrangit means belonging to the Entrance to Lakes. Lambys +c and wife Ellen are Tara

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9Billy the Bull - is a Kurnai ofLake Bunga. He says the Thundungis the Yalmerai (shark) that when thereare too many [?often?] about he would "sing them"away. No one eats shark.

Harry [?Dairameyers?] His Thundung isa Bird called Gliun, [fr - crossed out] the Pophyromelanotus. When he was a small boy hisfather said to him "That is your Thundung.You will have it when I die." Do not kill it.

Big Charly His Thundung are thetwo Conger eels - the Būra which is the smallerone and the Nuy-yang which is the larger.He says that he eats of both of them.

King Charly also [?had?] these for him +could also eat of them.

Tulaba's Thundung was Jira (Kangaroo)Big Joe Thurung - the Tiger snakeLambiBilly Jumbuck Thurung - Tiger snakeBunjil Barlijan (Old Timothy)

[comment written at end of page linked back with arrow to Billy Jumbuck]When Mr Bulmer once [walking with - crossed out] sawBilly Jumbuck walking along looking down at aTiger snake which is wriggling along [??]him. Mr Bulmer said "What is that?"Billy Jumbuck replied "The one

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13Big Charley


Noyang (conger eel)Būra - al (Sale)

Big Charley - Būra (eel - river)[?Salū?]


Bura -

Noyal + Bura - like one family

King Charley[chart]


※Būra Do not know the [?jiak?] of [?that?] oldwoman

[chart]※Han [?Dwimingee?] gliun

gliun[?gwareanning?] C Dauten

gwannung ?

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