Howitt and Fison Papers


hw0398 Bulmer to Howitt April 25 1899



Mission Station Lake TyersApril 25th 1899My dear Mr Howitt,In answer to your letter I have got thefollowing answers from Charley Blair. But must first correct my unfortunate expression companion wife. I merely meant that Birrarark had Yallung and Dookalanem as real wives at the same time.1 Birrarark was the father of Harry Stephens by his wife Dookalanem who afterward married Barney his stepfather.2 As to table A I am sorry I cannot find out if Bimbingil had a sister either own or tribal Blair says it is too long for his remembrance and old Kitty who is about 70 yrs old tells me she belonged to the Sale district so does not know anything about the family.3 Table B Mary’s first husband was old Dick Cooper who was only father to C. Blair Emma + Jenny who married old Kangaroo Jack. They have another brother named David Blair (Yangooranark) who is married in N S Wales.4 Table C The first wife of Dick Cooper was called Boorajush. They were the father and mother of Big Joe (Dango willin)Lataba was only brother to Dick Cooper they had another brother Carloba who died [young - crossed out]about 20 years ago.Under table C1 I have given above the father + mother of Big Joe2 Also who was Latala3 Kangaroo Jack married the wife of an old man named Billy Jumbuck. They had no children. She after the death of Kangaroo Jack married

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