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hw0397 Bulmer to Howitt 12/April/1899



Lake Tyers 12th/4/99

AW Howitt Esque

My dear Mr Howitt

I have found it rather difficult to get the various members of the Tuleba family located as the Yankees would say I hope I have got it so that you will be able to spell it out. Of course you will see that geneaolucal [sic] trees not my forte however having done my best I am sure you will excuse. I have tried to put the various branches of the family as near to each others as I could I dare say you will be able to put them in order.

You will see that while Bimbingall was the father of Tuleba Bruthen munjie being his brother also claims him as his son. I see you call that tribal father which I dare say is a very convenient term, a man of course could only have one father but he might have 1/2 doz tribal fathers and so withmothers. I dare say you will remember in my giving evidence before the Royal Commission. The late Sir W Stawell was very much struck with that arrangement, he seemed to think we might copy this from Aboriginal [sic] in that respect, as there would thenbe no desolate orphans,

With very kind regards to Mrs Howitt and yourselfI am faithfullyJohn Bulmer

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