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Thursday, February 14, 1918

Thursday, February 14, 1918

A good day very warm for the time of year.

Ben helped Richard Wooding shuck corn. Josie made sandwichs and her and Edna went to the School House and carried them. They went by Carries and got the candy that Josie and Carrie made yesterday and sand witchs that Carrie made yesterday. Josie drove Prince was gone two hours. Did not take the harness off the horse at night. Ben and I and Henry went to the School House. I think they solde a bout all that they had to sell. There was a small crowd there. The roads are very bad yet.

I could not find my glasses so this is wrote 9 15 Friday morning.

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Friday, December  5, 1919

Friday, December 5, 1919

A day that all could work. Jim & Ben and Mr Owen sawed wood then went to Marvins and cut some feed.

Josie got dinner. She made the sausage for Jim and her self. Bettie Haley (col) helped to cut the fat up and grind the sausage. I dried up the lard and strained it out. Bettie wshed the faces and feet.

Heard to day that Mrs Richard Wooding has a son.

Sallie Blair taught school in Miss Smiths room today.

Mrs Car sent Bessie Callans (col) a ring. She got it today.

Mr Owen went to the mill today. Brough me some brand. Jim & Ben & Josie played cards to night.

8 oclock

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Sunday April 24, 1921

Sunday April 24, 1921

A beautiful day. Ben and family except Henry went to Mr Jim Powers and Rob Hubbards. Ben & Mr Mayhew & Richard Wooding went to Hubbards. Went to the fish trap but did not get any fish. They got home at dark.

I staid at home most of the day. I went to Marvins. They went to Kate Harveys. I went with them. Kate had company. Dr Wigginton and Pearl, Effie and Hellen Brumfield, Miss Virginia Moses, two of the Farmer children.

I come home and fed the chickens. Brought water and made coffee & baked bread.

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