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hw0436 Notes by Howitt on Omeo 'tribe' and letter from Bulmer



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The Blacks have a decided belief that the soul can leave the body during lifeand go to various places. I have theevidence of old Mrs Tuleba. Her daughterEmma McDougall tells me that sheoften says, she goes when she is asleepto a place where she sees a gate, whichis the place of entry for the Departed, but shemeets those who tell her that she mustreturn to earth + wait till she is dead. This maybe a little mixed with what she is taughtof a future state. Still the fact remainsthat the old woman has an ideathat her soul (Yambo) can leave thebody + go to a distant place as this has not been taught her.

I know a case among the MurrayBlacks where an old man namedMr Jamieson dreamt that his soulwent away to a distant place on theother side the [sic] Murray. He made a Corroborie [sic] about it which hadthis beginningThopie nappuKaro KaraMurlu Rentie (Murray)which being translated would meanI rode to another country on theother side of the Murray. This manmay have been a Birrarak butI do not know however I feel

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