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hw0414 Notes on Mukjarawaint with a map



2Every man and womanbelonged to some one of the following class names:

All the men were [underlined] All the women were [underlined] [Ngŭnnŭn ngŭnŭt?] [Yartat gūrk?]Bat [underlined] small night jar [underlined]in [association?] one or other of the following class divisions--------------------------------------------------------------[M. & F. below bracketted together]M. Gartchŭka = white cockatoo with red crest and a long billF. Gart chuka-gūrk M. Wūraut = black cockatooF. Wuraut-gūrkM. Wūlernŭnt = Black snakeF. Wūlernŭnt gūrkM. Wūrabil = IguanaF. Wūrabil gūrkM. Djallan = Buff coloured snakeF. Djallan gūrkM. Wak = crowF. Wak gūrkM. Wŭrpl = Eagle hawk or WerpilF. Wŭrpl gūrkM. Būnjil = Altair = [α Aguiles?]F. Būnjil gūrkM. Yūrn = native catF. Yūrn gūrkM. Moywil = black headed snakeF Moywil gūrk

Each boy was [Ngŭnnŭn ngŭnŭt?] after his father and each girl [Yartat gŭrk?] after her mother, but see diagram pi which shows the descent as to totem followed. the motherfrom Johnny took his mothers when [Gart-chuka?] or as he said [all crossed out]

John Connolly does not remember his mothers totem but not that she was like all other women [Yartat gŭrk?]. (But see description) (See over) (but A p2A)

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