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Mūkjarawaint Tribe

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Gart-chŭka-gurkYirani Gartchukagurk - Gartchŭka WifeJohnny Gartchŭka George Wūrant

I obtained the following information from Johnny Connolly, a half-caste native of the Mukjarawaint tribe. He was brought up by his maternal grandfather’s brother until the age of [blank]. He subsequently was at the Lake Condah Mission. He speaks English thoroughly and with intelligence. I have recorded his information in the firstperson as many of his experioences werevery characteristic and I have endeavoured to follow as near as possible the words heused and as I noted them down atthe time.

"The Mūkjarawaint lived in the country between Ararat, Carrs Plainson the Buchaussan [?], Horsham andBrrehork [?] and extedned back into the Grampains. Each man and each woman living in that country wasMukjarawaint. The name is alsothat of a place now called Mūkpilli.I am unable to say what the meaning ofMūkjarawaint is - I only knowthat Mūk means "short".

I am a half caste my mother was never married to a blackfellow. She lived with a digger who found Pleasant Creek. My mothers [sisters husband - crossed out] brother was a Gartchuka andhe was also my maam (father) - my mothers sisterwas my baap (mother)

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