Howitt and Fison Papers


hw0171 Boultbee to Howitt 5/10/1884



Tarella, Wilcannia, N.S.W.,

5th October 1884

A W Howitt EsqSaleMy dear Sir, The prolonged agonies of thisdrought have caused me so much workand anxiety that I must plead this andapologise for retaining your M.S.S. forso long a time. I have read the paper throughand I am afraid I did make it quite clearin my first communication as to whichtribes I referred, namely the Wilya + Bolalimy second referred to the TongarankasThe Tribes I ennumerated are I thinkthe constituents of the Itchumundi nationThose of the Warrego + perhaps Paroo theKaramundi. I have taken the libertyof pencilling on your memorandum oneor two corrections and additions. Inregard to the intermarriages, all the information I can gain is thisMuckwarra Bilyari marries Kilpara Namba[ditto] Tirlta [ditto] [ditto] Kulthi[ditto] Curlee [ditto] [ditto] Bowanyah

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