Howitt and Fison Papers


tip70-10-41-5 Gould to Fison



Port Walcott W A1st Octr 1873

Dear Sir

I must apologise for not answering your lettersof the 25th April + 5th May inst before now but youwill not be surprised when I tell you that I onlyreceived them on the 17th July last + after thevessel I received them by returned to Fremantle onthe 22nd Augt I was unfortunately away + unable towrite + since then we have had no communicationwith the rest of the world so that you willperceive that the means of communication inWest Australia are considerably behind what they are with you in Victoria

Situated as I am I am not able to havemuch constant intercourse with the Natives besidesI have not the intimate acquaintance with theirlanguage which many longer residents in thecountry have. I have therefore given two of yourschedules to two of the squatters in this districtto get filled up + will return them to you assoon as possible after I receive them.

It is rather unfortunate that as a rule here thosebest acquainted with the language + customs of the Aborigines are uneducated + illiterate persons + whowould of themselves take no interest in the subjectof your researches or even know the meaning of theterm Ethnology.

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