Howitt and Fison Papers


hw0158 Langloh Parker to Howitt



[printed article by A. W. Howitt - 'The Kamilaroi Marrage Law" from Science of Man, vol. 5, no. 3, April 26 1902, pp. 46-47]

[notes written in margin in two different hands]

[left side margin]Would you kindly answer these questionsand set the marriage Ritesand Relationships outas fully as possible

[at top of page]A man must not onlymarry in his right class-say a Murri to a Boothabut in his right blood too - [??] [??]he is not himselfShould Murri be a gwaigullech[he must - crossed out] his Bootha must be aGwaimudthaShould Murri be a Kangaroo by inheritance hisBootha must not be one too.A personal totem if arrived by chancedoes not count in marriage restrictionsonly in food Taboos.

[in right side margin]I think the blood distinctionwould prohibit it-The tribes are divided into(1) Two bloods - Gwai gullech - Light bloodedGwai mudtha - Dark blooded(2) ? The children of either sex take their blood divisional name from the motherand no two of the same named blood may marry - ergo a man could not marry the daughter of his mother's brothersfor that brother would be sameblood as his sister the man's mother.K. Langloh ParkerLate of Bangate, Narren River, N.S.W.

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