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There is a tribe of blacks roundMr Palmer of Gamboola whohave no less than eight classes

One is called 1 Abulmurri (cherry tree)2 Munda (sugar bag)3 Letamurri (scrub Bandy coot)4 Nullatirpi (Brown snake)5 Cungultungi (Sunfish)6 Legigi?7-?8-?The man in each class is viz1 Mangale 2 Goorgela 3 Wongo4 Bunbary 5 Goobers 6 Arrary7 Edury 8 Barry

The tribe is called Takalaka whichmeans a particular kind of sugarbag Mr Palmer might give you the required information if youwere to ask him.

[in left side margin]m Banbaryw Wongoc Goorgela

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