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hw0336 Gason to Howitt 23/07/1888



[This letter is not written by Gason]

BeltanaJuly 23rd 88

AW Howitt EsqSale Gippsland

Dear Sir

In reply to your letter of May seventh (7th) Re your inquiries 1st Presuming there are five brothers Two own Brothers or natural Brothers the rest merely [trible/tribal] or of the same murdoo one of the five has a wife by their custom and natural laws the whole of the five has sectual inter-course with the wife, but only [underlined] in the absence of the husband as they are her natural guardian stands as predecence over all except [underlined] her 'Piraooroo" all the children of the woman are "Athamoorna" to the whole fibve men and they are "Apirrie" to the children, so you see the laws are identical of the tribe in eastern Queensland you mention in your letters.

Kaka is the mothers Brother

Re the word "Athata" - wauka it means blood relation but not [underlined] natural for instance man speaking to his sisters daughter or son they being younger than him would be Athata wauka man speaking to his younger sister of Brother would be [Athata murula?] (without doubt they are or he or she as the case may be my natural Brother or sister)

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