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XM26_ICDMS_lowres Beardsmore to Howitt 30 August 1907



No. CB [?583?]Office ofBoard for Protection of AboriginesSydney, 30th August, 1907

Dear Sir,In compliance with your request, I beg tofurnish you will [sic] the following particulars regarding thevarious stations, &c.:-(1) There are now nine (9) stations, under the controlof Managers appointed by the Board, namely atBrewarrina, Darling RiverBrungle, near GundagaiCumeroogunga, Murray River, near MoamaGrafton, Clarence RiverRunnymede, Richmond RiverRoseby Park, Shoalhaved [sic] River, near NowraWalhallow, near Quirindi (Mooki River)Wallaga Lake, near BermaguiWarangesda, Murrumbidgee River, near DarlingtonPoint

(2) Return showing the respective members on each stations, according to last census, attached

(3) There is no record in this office as to the numbersof particular Tribes, but if you will inform me of the districts where the Tribes are located I shall be gladto obtain the information for you, or perhaps you wouldprefer to communicate direct with the Managers.

(4) The Board has not collected the survivors of anyparticular Tribe together on the one station, but, so faras I can learn, there is a prejudice on the part of membersof different Tribes to mix one with the other.

(5) At the present time, as you are doubtless aware,there is no legislation in existence in this State dealingwith the Aborigines, but my Board have recently prepared a Bill for submission to Parliament, and (when available)I shall send you a copy for your information, if you sodesire.

Yours faithfully,R. H. Beardsmore

A. W. Howitt, Esq.,ClovellyMetung, Victoria

[written in left side margin](1) ack. this letter(2) What are namesof Managersof StationsBrewarrina, BrungleCumeroogungaalso - which station is[now is Grafton dist. - crossed out] nearestto Gwydir River(3) May I assume thatthe blacks are each [??]are the "survivors" of tribes?or are there others of the same tribes who are not onthese Stations?(4) Please sendcopy of DraughtBill realizes

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hw0135 From Cameron to Howitt 8/05/1885



the tribe located here.It is called Bura-Burabraor shortly Burabra (the a likeah) and I think I rememberyou have some notes inreference to it. The Burabrais a very large tribe extendingfrom say Mathoura (betweenDeniliquin and Moama)on the South and fromsay Jeriliderie or Waranderaon the East to the Mulameinon south east Dry lake onnorth east. They aredivided into the Kamilaroiclasses except that theycall Kumbu Woombi and Ipai Yipi. You will seeby the enclosed that theyresemble the Wonghi intheir marriage laws andsay that a Yipi wouldn'tbe properly married ifhe married a Kubithabut I couldn't ascertainhow they would manageif they married aWaradjeri. My informantswould only say, "Oh

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