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Dieri Relationship[3 columns different sources Meyer, Flierl, VogelsangC1 English(Meyer) C2 Dieri (Flierl) C3 General English term (Vogelsang)1. Father aperi; apiri apiri; - apiri2. Fathers brother mama; apiri wauka aperi; Uncle apiri3. Mother andri; andri andri; - andri4. Mothers sister -; andri wauka andri wauka?; aunt andri5. Fathers sister papa?; [?] [?]; aunt papa6. Mothers brother kaka?; [?] [?]; uncle kaka7. M. Brothers son ngatamura;atamura ngatamura; nephew ngatamuraFather - (four sist [?] = moth. bro8. F. Brothers son -; - ngatamura?; nephew ngatamura9. M. Sisters son -; tidnara tidnara; nephew tinara1o. F. Sisters son -; atani ngatani; nephew -11. M. Brothers wife -; noa jimari?; sister in law noa12. M. Wifes sister -; noa [tidnari?]; sister in law noa13. F. Brothers wife -; kamari kamari; Sister in law kamari14. F. Husbands sister -; kamari kamari; Sister in law kamari15. M. Wifes brother -; kareti Kaai; Brother in law kareti16. M. Sisters husband -; kareti Kaai; Brother in law kareti17. F. Husbands brother -; noa jimari; Brother in law kaai18. F. Sisters husband -; noa wauka jimari; brother in law -19. M. Fathers brothers son -; negi or ngattata neji; male cousin neji20. M, Fathers sisters son -; kami kami; male cousin kami21. M. Fathers brothers daughter -; kauku or ngattata kaku; female cousin [kuku?]22.M. Fathers sisters daughter -; kami kami; female cousin kamiM = male speaking - F = female speakingPlease to fill in and correct the Dierirelationshipsin the second column. I have marked there which somewhat doubtful thus ? [? in red ink]

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