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36[Left margin note] Ngarego

The boundaries of the country of the Ngarego appear to have included the whole of the Maneroo plains and also the country beyond the Snowy River as far as the boundary of the Omeo tribe. Their neighbours in the [Western - crossed out] South west were the Kurnai by whom they were much dreaded and whom they called “Brajerak”(1)or ‘Wild men’ [To the - crossed out] South over the coast range and between it, the Lower Snowy Riverand the sea, that is the present County of Croagingoling their neighbours were a wild jungle tribe, few in number, the Bidwell-mitung, the last of [?whome?] only “came in” and became civilized somewhere about 1870.In the south East are the Coast Murring and to the East were tribes of the group to which the Braidwood tribe belonged. Their northern neighbours were the Wolgal.

[Left margin note](1) Bra - male or man yirak or jirak - anger, thus yirakal loän = an angry white man

The class system of the Ngarego/Ngarigo was as follows:-

[Table of two columns]

[Row 1][Column 1 heading] ClassesMerŭngEaglehawk

Colmun 2 heading] TotemsBelleb - LyrebirdNadjabajan - Bat[Būlemba] - Flying squirrel Mundarŭng - TuanNamŭng - Black snake Mŭlan or Mŭnja - a fish Bŭt-[ttie?]-wark - Mopoke Kau-ŭnga - Balck opossum [Wa-at?] - Red wallaby

[Row 2][Column 1 heading] ClassesYŭk-em-brŭkcrow

[Column 2 heading] TotemsBra-a-gar - Small hawk Tehuteba - Rabbit rat Bowa - Flying squirrel next in size to Bulemba [above] Bŭr-rū - Kangaroo Beri-bong - Emu Bŭdalūk - Lace lizardKūa-i-ūr - Native [Companion?] Kau-au - Porcupine Ū-lūn-bau - Sleeping lizard

[Line under table]

The law of marriage was that Merūng married Yŭk-em-brŭk and visce versa as to the totems.

[Left margin note] Wolgal

To the north of the Ngarejo was the Wolgal tribe whose country according an old man who belonged to it and who came from the Hume River Hume River/Murray River somewhere between Tom Groggin and Cudjewa. [He?] fixed the boundaries approximately as follows. Junction of the Walarigari River and the River Murray; - Tumberumba - Adelong - Tumut - Gundagai - Lambing Flat - Yass - Queanbeyan - Cooma - [Gibs? Hole - Kiandra - Thelbingun Mt - and thence around the Indi River near Tom Groggin.

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hw0185 Howitt notes on the Wolgal



Wolgal tribe

Boundaries of country:-

From Kowombut down the river Indi to Tom Grogginthence to Wheeler's and Cudgewa and as far down the Murray to Walarigary River — above Alburythence to TumberumbaAdelongKilmore Creek to Tumut. Thence down the Tumut to Gundagai — to Goloot – to Cullingbong and to Lambing Flat- thence to Yass – to [Qeen- crossed out] Queenbeyan [sic]– to MicalagoCoomaKiandraLob HoleThelbingŭng Mountain – thence across to Kowombut.

ContentsBoundaries front page 3 - Classes + totems 1- 3 Marriage of class + totem + descent 1.51A division of food - Places in Camp 2 - Fights 2 Cannibalism 2Burial 3A Personal property 2A - Right to hunting grounds 2A Initiation 3White men = ghosts 3 Dreams 3 Language 4 Murray Jack's father +c 5[Marriage 5 - crossed out] Elopement 5 The child 6 Hair of the dead 6 Aurora 6Kuringal described 7. 8. 9. Jiringal language 10.

[written in left side margin]?Nebraksee to this

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[left column]Murray Jack - Malian- Yibaiwas born at Thalbungun a mountainat Head of Tumut River famous for WambatsJack Johnny MragulaMan - murrinewoman - Kowamba - BallanHead - Kudagong Hair YerungEye - GoondoveNose - NoorTongue TallangHand MannamaninThumb Nadjan - dittoFoot - Mai-dowaSun - MammaitMoon - GoondawangFire WattaWater Najūngmine indigithy - ngaimbahis - ngaim ba junmaind-wa indigi1 = mitambo2= blŭlla3- blŭ-mittŭng4- bai ūlanga number= yabŭng

The name of the fallsin the [??] Riveris Langeri-yan-yura

[right column]Johnny Mragula is WalgalWalgal LanguageNganain = yesWan-a-gain = No

Boundaries of the Walgal countryCowombut - down River to Tom Grogginto Wheelers - Cudgewa - as far[as far - crossed out] as Walariganya River joining theMurray - at Albury on WūrajeriMitta Mitta all Thed-doraOvens River all Kūlinto Tumberumba - AdelongKilmore Ck to TumutDown Tumut to GundagaiGoloot - Cullinbong - Lambing Flatto Yass - Queenbeyan [sic] - MicalagoCooma - Kiandra - Lobs Hole- Thelbingūng Mountain - thenaccross to Cowombut

Wolgal class system + totemsMeroongEaglehawkBellet Bellet - Lyre BirdNadjinajan - BatBullemba - Flying SquirrelMundarung - little Dittonamung - Bk snakemoolau or munjea - FishBut the wark - mopokeCownga - Bk opossumWa-at Red Wallaby

YukembruckCrowBraagur - Small HawkTchuteba - Rabbit ratBow-wur Squirrelnext in size toBullembaBurroo KangarooBeribang EmuBud-da-luk IguanaKooioor Nt CompanionCorr-on Porcupineo-loon-ban Sleeping Lizard

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