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Wolgal tribe

Boundaries of country:-

From Kowombut down the river Indi to Tom Grogginthence to Wheeler's and Cudgewa and as far down the Murray to Walarigary River — above Alburythence to TumberumbaAdelongKilmore Creek to Tumut. Thence down the Tumut to Gundagai — to Goloot – to Cullingbong and to Lambing Flat- thence to Yass – to [Qeen- crossed out] Queenbeyan [sic]– to MicalagoCoomaKiandraLob HoleThelbingŭng Mountain – thence across to Kowombut.

ContentsBoundaries front page 3 - Classes + totems 1- 3 Marriage of class + totem + descent 1.51A division of food - Places in Camp 2 - Fights 2 Cannibalism 2Burial 3A Personal property 2A - Right to hunting grounds 2A Initiation 3White men = ghosts 3 Dreams 3 Language 4 Murray Jack's father +c 5[Marriage 5 - crossed out] Elopement 5 The child 6 Hair of the dead 6 Aurora 6Kuringal described 7. 8. 9. Jiringal language 10.

[written in left side margin]?Nebraksee to this

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[left column]Murray Jack - Malian- Yibaiwas born at Thalbungun a mountainat Head of Tumut River famous for WambatsJack Johnny MragulaMan - murrinewoman - Kowamba - BallanHead - Kudagong Hair YerungEye - GoondoveNose - NoorTongue TallangHand MannamaninThumb Nadjan - dittoFoot - Mai-dowaSun - MammaitMoon - GoondawangFire WattaWater Najūngmine indigithy - ngaimbahis - ngaim ba junmaind-wa indigi1 = mitambo2= blŭlla3- blŭ-mittŭng4- bai ūlanga number= yabŭng

The name of the fallsin the [??] Riveris Langeri-yan-yura

[right column]Johnny Mragula is WalgalWalgal LanguageNganain = yesWan-a-gain = No

Boundaries of the Walgal countryCowombut - down River to Tom Grogginto Wheelers - Cudgewa - as far[as far - crossed out] as Walariganya River joining theMurray - at Albury on WūrajeriMitta Mitta all Thed-doraOvens River all Kūlinto Tumberumba - AdelongKilmore Ck to TumutDown Tumut to GundagaiGoloot - Cullinbong - Lambing Flatto Yass - Queenbeyan [sic] - MicalagoCooma - Kiandra - Lobs Hole- Thelbingūng Mountain - thenaccross to Cowombut

Wolgal class system + totemsMeroongEaglehawkBellet Bellet - Lyre BirdNadjinajan - BatBullemba - Flying SquirrelMundarung - little Dittonamung - Bk snakemoolau or munjea - FishBut the wark - mopokeCownga - Bk opossumWa-at Red Wallaby

YukembruckCrowBraagur - Small HawkTchuteba - Rabbit ratBow-wur Squirrelnext in size toBullembaBurroo KangarooBeribang EmuBud-da-luk IguanaKooioor Nt CompanionCorr-on Porcupineo-loon-ban Sleeping Lizard

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