Howitt and Fison Papers


hw0321 Gason to Howitt 12/2/1881



1questionIs the Diereyie divided intosubtribes.From their own statement andfrom my own observation among sixyears living amongst them in their wildstate during which time I devotedall my spare time in acquiring theirtoungue and patiently awaiting mytime to be initiated into theirsecret ceremonies. Together withthe opportunity of continually visitingthe neighbouring tribes on the eastern coast of Lake Eyre, theEverard River, the lower partof the Diamantina + Herbert RiversIn all the tribes in the abovelocalties ("arrminie tribe""Ongkongooroo tribe" Wongurrap-una tribe" Urrapuna Tribe"also the Yandrawontha tribecooyanie tribe Yarrawaurka

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