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hw0402 Howitt to Miss Benson 14/08/1899



Draft letter to Miss Benson 14/8/07

Since I posted my letter to you on the 7th inst. Ihave had a matter in my mind which I hopewill consider my my justification in troubling you again.It arose out of the Ipatha woman's statementthat the Moorawari tribe extended down theRiver to Bourke.[A statement was made - crossed out] An account has been published some time back[that the - crossed out] about a tribe which [extended from - crossed out] is called Kurnuand which is said to extend down the Darling for 80 milesbelow Bourke. [Does Ipatha- crossed out](1) Does Ipatha know of that tribe - and is [the -crossed out]Kurnu the name of it?(2) The class-names given are said to be the following.Muk Kungurra Murruri Kilpurgurra IbburiKubburi NgumburiDoes Ipatha know of these names?

(3) It is said that the man Mukkungurra-Murrurican marry the woman Ibbundyerra (the sister of [Ibburi - crossed out] the man Kilpungurra- Ibburi - alsothe woman Kilpungurra-ngummun dyerra, [+c - crossed out][Does Ipatha know about these - crossed out][he also can marry the woman- crossed out]Does Ipatha know these names + the above marriages?(4) Can she tell me how many of the Kurnu tribeare now living and where they live?(5) If she does not know the Kurnu tribe then which tribe lived below Bourke? and did it have the above clannames - or Ipai-Kumbo Murri-Kubbi?

[written in left side margin]I am slowly working out the material for a communicationto one of the [American - crossed out] Anthropological Societies and I shallhave to thank you for important contributions

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