Howitt and Fison Papers


XM207 James to Howitt 3/10/1881



Replies to questions in first list(attached) Re: Blanchewater (S.A.)blacks:-1. Deyerie2. Yes, but I am not acquainted with theproper sub divisions, names were from locality.3. I do not know for certain, but I think from about the foot of the ranges on the N. and N.W. end of the mountains beginning at Prospect Hill, thence via MtsFreeling, Gardiner & distance westerly to Lake Harry and the Clayton, down that to Lake Eyre and by its E. shore N. to the Warburton and thence easterly till about north of Innaminca and thence southerly to Mulligan and back, via Hamilton Creek to Prospect Hill (skirting the rangesProspect Hill is at Jacob's Station, Petamora 4. Yes, each class has a name, but I never learnt any. I know that the

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