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hw0365 Notes on the Dieri




The analogous marriage law in the Kamilaroi tribes is complicated by the two equivalent classes having been subdivided into four subclasses as given below.

[Diagram]Kupathin Ipai MurriKumbo Kubbi Dilbi

As Kupathin marries Dilbi, and vice versa with descent in the female line a diagram precisely similar to that already given can be framed. The marriage law of the four subclasses above, is shown in Diagram No. 2.

Diagram 2

(1) M-Ipai brother + M-Kubbi (5)(2) F Kubbitha sister F Ipatha (6)

(3) F Matha F Bootha (7)

(4) M Kubbi F Ipatha (8)

[The - crossed out] In the above (1) and (6) and (5) and (2) are "own or tribal" brother and sister respectively, and the other relations are as in Diagram I.

There is no doubt that the brother of (3) Murri [would - crossed out] might under the law of the Subclasses, be the proper husband of (7) Butha, and similarly that Kubbi (4) would be the husband of Ipatha (8), [but I am unable to- crossed out] unless there is some prohibitive [larn whether this would be permitted in- crossed out] analogous to the relation of "Kami-mara" among the Dieri which prohibits it. [a case where (1) and (6) and (5) and (2) are respectively- crossed out] The question therefore is would Murri - the brother of [brother and sister. In other words - crossed out] Matha no. 3 - be permitted to marry Bootha no. 7? egs being a[Kamilaroi man (3)is it permitted to me to take as - crossed out] That is to say the Murri daughter of his mother's brother, would come [a wife Bootha (7) the daughter of my mother's - crossed out] to the same string of his fathers sister. [brother, or secondly is it permitted to me to take my mother's (3) - crossed out][(2) mother's, brother's (5), daughter's (7) daughter to wife"?- crossed out]

This is the problem which has so far baffled my attempts to solve, as I have not been able tomake personal enquiries in the Kamilaroi country

The manner which I should proceed would be

[written in left side margin]Ipai MuriKumbo Kubbi

Which is not necessary for my presentpurpose

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