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289 COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEATTLE Sep 2 1887 verbal report from Judiciary Committee on application of City Teamsters for a change in the vehicle License recommending certain changes in the ordiannce and City Attorney directed to propose and submit such ordinance. From Street Committee rejecting petition of DuPont & Hopkins for use of unoccupied ground for a Fish Stand. Adopted. From same comittee granting petition of Seattle L S and E Ry for permission to drive piles across Columbia St on condition that a twenty two(22) foot space on the south side of the street be allowed for passage of barges & small vessels. adopted From Same conmmittee granting petition of J D Lowman for opening 11th Street from Columbia to Madison St adopted. From Same Committee granting petition of Puget Sound Imp Co to change the ordinance establishing the grade of Pike Street so as to make the present grade the established grade. Adopted. From Same Committee asking further time to make a report on the petition of O Jacobs et al to open Depot Street Granted. From Judiciary Committe on protest of R H Thomson against Mill Street grade and asking for damages stating that in estimation of the committee Mr Thomson's property well be greatly improved by the present grade. Adopted. Bills allowed The following bills having been duly audited by Common Council are allowed and ordered paid by warrants drawn on the several funds as follows to wit:

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