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A cookery book with index, containing recipes for preserves, cakes, wines, and household remedies [manuscript], 1694

Page 41

Page 41

18 To Presarve Rasberry's in Jelly

Take to Every Pound of Rasb's a Pound of Sugar finely beaten Pick out ye Smallest of them and Bruse them with 2 or 3 Spoonfulls of water and Strane ym to ye sugar and Berryes then boyle ym pritty quick on A clear fire of charcole for About A quarter of An Houre yn take ym out into glasses and Power ye Syrrup on ym Thus you may Presarve Chirries or Corranberry's Chirries must boyle as fast as they can boyle And when they are Enough the Sirrup will Rape Betwixt your finger's and Thumb then do with as with Rasp's

To Make Jelly of Corranberryes Pick your Berryes clean from ye stalk's and Putt ym in A Stone Pitcher and boyle them in A Pann of Water till the Juce comes out then Pouer it from the berryes and take to Every Pint of Juice A Pound of Sugar boyle ye juce and Skim it well and then putt in your Sugar and lett it not boyle after but Simber So you must skim clean yn Putt it in Pott's of glass for use

To Make Jelly of Rasps another way Take more yn halfe your Rasp and Rub out their Juice through A Strainer or Haire Sive then bruise the Rest with them take their weight in Sugar and boyle them A Pace Scuming them well till they be done from ye bottome of the Posnett Stiring ym continually white and Red Rasp's doe ye best togeather and ye Juice of corran's will make ym jelly

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