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599 COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEATTLE Sep 7 1888 to the Finance Committee. From Harbor Master read and ordered filed and the Harbor Master directed to cause the floating piles complained of to be removed. From City Treasurer read and referred to Finance Com. From Street Commissioner referred to Street Com and returned approved. Committee Reports Received From Com on Fire & Water rejecting petition of Mrs N Lewis & son for permission to alter and repair the St Charles Hotel for the reason that to add a story of 16 feet would be as clearly against the law as to erect a one story wooden building. Adopted. from Same Committee rejecting petition of Wah Chong & Co for permission to put up a corrugated iron bulding on South Third Street and also to make certain repairs and alterations to wooden buildings as it is clearly against the law. adopted. From Committee on Streets granting the petitionof Chas R Brown and others for modification of Tenth Street grade at Terrace, Alder, and Cedar Streets Adopted. Form Same Committee rejecting petiton of John Graf fro a change of grade of Fifth Street. Adopted. From Same Committee granting petition of E F Adams for the use of Court Street in South Seattle for a brick yard. Adopted. From the City Attorney on claim of Wm Murphy as follows ''I have examined the enclosed claim of Ex-Chief of Police Wm Murphy and recommend that the same be disallowed as in my opinion that City is not

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