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600 JOURNAL OF THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE Sep 7 1888 liable for such or any part thereof. Adopted. Ordered that the City Attorney, surveyor and Street Committee be granted further time to report in the Mill Street Bulkhead. Licenses referred Vitus Schmid, Long & Kelly, NP Wildrick Licenses Ordered Issued Louis Laniere, John S Morgan, Conrad Brehm, Alex Meister, J H Loughead, Gorman Bros, Ole Nelson Hahn & Engleman, Grady Bros, Davis & Davis The vote upon issuing said licenses is as follows: In favor of the same Burns, Durie, Green Jones, McCombs, McDonald Niesz and Reitze Against the same none. Bills Allowed The following claims against the City having been duly audited and allowed by the Council are ordered paid by warrants drawn on the several funds as follows to-wit: Name No of Warrant Fund Amount Remarks W R Forrest 3284 City 150.00 salary City Clerk Aug C W Ferris 3285 City 87.00 salary deputy City Clerk Aug E A Turner 3286 City 62.50 salary City Treasurer 1/2 Month Isaac Parker 3287 City 62.50 salary City Treasurer 1/2 Month Sam'l H Piles 3288 City 150.00 salary City Atty Aug L Cummings 3289 City 125.00 salary Street Comnr Aug Sam'l A Hoyt 3290 City 75.00 salary Harbor Master James Bogart 3291 City 75.00 salary Jailer & Janitor James Bogart 3291 City 132.40 Board of prisoners Albro Gardner 3292 City 25.00 salary City surveyor 6 mos Albro Gardner 3292 City 10.00 Calculating area Madison St lots J C Mitchell 3293 City 150.00 salary Chief of Police Aug [total]1098.40

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