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553 COMMON COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF SEATTLE Aug 3 1888 there being a tie vote the Mayor casts his ballot for Isaac Parker whereupon the said Isaac Parker is duly elected City Treasurer of the City of Seattle. Petitions etc. Petition of Jesse F Cochran & others for opening Light Street from Bluff Street to Bradley Street read and referred to the Street Committee. Petition of J D Lowman and others for a change of grade on [Fifth Street]] corner of Marion Street read and referred to Street committee. Petition of S N Sorensen for a sewer in Spring Street an a sidewalk on said street from Second Street to Third Street read and referred to the Committee on Sewers and Drainage. Petition of Winsor and Co to have Front Street between Pike Street and Union Street read and the Chief of Police directed to notify property owners to clean up their street fronts. Petition of Puget Sound Improvement Company & others to have property owners on line of Pike Street sewer compelled to connect their houses with the sewer in order that the street may be planked as heretofore ordered. Referred to Street Committee. Petition of G Beninghansen for perission to put a small building on west side of Commercial Street next to Harrington & Smith's store referred to Com on Fire & Water. Petition of J H Bridge for opening the alley in Block 31 of Maynard's plat from Mill to Washington Streets referred to Street Committee.

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