Howitt and Fison Papers


hw0048 Fison to Howitt n.d.



old friends Butura, Parula,Panangka, Kumura, of the Ante-keriya Tribe, given me by Giles.

Of course it is nonsense to saythat the woman becomes a memberof her husband's class. The statementthat "blood relations intermarryconstantly" may perhaps be trueif the tribe be so reduced in numbersthat the old rules cannot be observed.

Of course the Aldolinja are of theLost Tribes of Israel. Judith, Paula.+ Miriam prove this. Taplin foundWilliam in Wullume, + my Aryan-Maori friend discovers Leviathanin the N.Z. Taniwha.

I suppose the Emu-god +c are,or were, totems. Malbunga + histwo wives are identical with theDarling River [?Adoree?] + his wivesKilpara + Makuara. Of coursethe Erinja is the Devil himself, asseen by our Lutheran friend.

3. Cameron's letterThis is important, because itconfirms Lance's statement about"the privilege of Ipai". It is a

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