Howitt and Fison Papers


hw0056 J. G. Frazer to Howitt 21 August 1906



Trinity CollegeCambridge21 August 1906

My dear Dr HowittYour letters of 18th Juneand 9th July reached me safely,each containing a remittance offive pounds. The four papersfor the Journal of the Anthropolog-ical Institute also came to handand have been sent in to theInstitute with a recommendationthat (to prevent the controversyfrom dragging out) they should allbe printed together. I thoughtit best, for reasons that you willunderstand, that I should notsee the papers before publication,so I sent them on unopened to the Secretary and asked him not to send me proofs of them.Proofs will be sent to you.This will cause little, if any,delay, since, as you know, the

[written sideways along page]I am very glad to hear of the improvement in Dr Fison's health. With kindest regards from my wife and myself toyou and Miss HowittI am yours very sincerelyJ. G. FrazerI think thatMacmillan would probably be glad topublishsuch avolumeas I haveindicated

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