Howitt and Fison Papers


hw0056 J. G. Frazer to Howitt 21 August 1906



casuse of anthropology at present.and there are no men livingor ever likely to live, so well ableto point out and correct mistakeson this subject as you four men.Do think of this. Spencer coulddeal with Durkheim, Lang,Hartland, N. W. Thomas, what's his name the German missionary,+c and I know that Rothwas annoyed by Lang's misappreh-ension of his facts. The volumemight be called "Facts and fancies about the Australianaborigines", or some such title.You might consult with Spencerabout this.

I owe you many apologies formy tardiness in answering yourletters. I delayed answering thefirst till I had received thereprints of your Folklore paperand they did not reach me tilltowards the end of July. As I mentioned in my former letter Ithink it best not to distributethese reprints till people begin toreturn from their holidays aboutthe middle of September.

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