Howitt and Fison Papers


hw0060 J. G. Frazer to Miss Howitt 20 April 1908



3) L. Fison, "The Classification Systemof Relationship", Journ. Anthrop. Inst. [underlined]XXIV (1895) pp. 360-3714) Dr Howitt's paper "On the organisationof Australian tribes", Transactions of the Royal Society of Victoria [underlined],1889.

Also Mr Fison's varous papers onFijian customs contributed to theJournal of the Anthropological Institute [underlined]

I do not think it desirable to republish Dr Howitt's recent controversial papersdirected against Andrew Langand (I believe, though I have notseen them) against R. H. MatthewsThe interest of these last papers appearsto me ephemeral, since the mis-understandings which they were designed to correct are probablyshared by few. But what do you think?

I thank you for sending methe copy of "The Argus" with thenotice of your Father. I haveundertaken, as I have said, to

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