Howitt and Fison Papers


hw0064 Andrew Lang to Howitt 6 July 1906



[written at top of page]Replied to8/8/06Reply 8/8/06

1, Marloes Road,Kensington, W

July 6 [1906]

Dear Mr HowittI am deeply concernedto find that I haveentirely misunderstoodyour statements inyour page 500. On reading your paper inFolk Lore I at oncesent a correction toMan as I will to Folk Lore, and if

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hw0065 Andrew Lang to Howitt 15 October 1906



of them, so far asvitiated by [??]error of apprehension,aspublicly as I can.The misprinted comma in Folk LoreI have explained as amisprint.

Perhaps I should saythat Mr Thomas wrotehis remarks in Folk Lore

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