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hw0157 Harper to Howitt 1901




A W Howitt EsqFinch StEast MalvernMelbourne

Sir At last meeting of LinneanSoc. of NSW, Mr J H Maiden handedme your series of questions as tosocial organisation of Kamilaroi tribe.I have made enquiries from theonly men I know whom I thoughtcapable of understanding + writing onthe subject - but without result.

However I would make a suggestion toyou. I can have it printed in itsentirety in a locally published journal"Science of Man" - the organ of the AnthropSoc of Aust, with an introductory noterequesting that all communications onthe matter be addressed to you in Victoria

[written on left top side of page]Replied to17/10/01(1) Have already written Science of Man(2) Shall I write to(a) Town + Country(b) [??]

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hw0195 Cameron to Howitt 11/06/1902



"Gowrie" Milton StAshfield SydneyJune 11th 1902

Dear Mr HowittI am not sure whether I ever sent youthe enclosed diagram showing thedistribution of the totems of the Wonghibonand how they influenced marriage.You will remember that I said informer days that Ipai married MathaKumbo, Kubbitha and so on and as amatter of fact nearly every Ipai aboutwhere I lived was married to Mathaand nearly every Murri to Ipatha butyou will see by the Diagram thatin principle intermarriages between Ipaiand Kubbitha could take place andin fact as I explained in a paper to theScience of Man I stated thatIpai mallee hen could marry 2 Mathas 1 KubbithaIpai Emu [ditto] [ditto] 2 Kubbitha 1 MathaIpai opossum [ditto] [ditto] 2 Mathas 1 Kubbitha

Kumbo mallee hen could marry 2 Kubbitha 1 MathaKumbo Emu [ditto] [ditto] 2 Mathas 1 KubbithaKumbo oppossum [ditto] [ditto] 2 Kubbitha 1 Matha

Of course the same rule prevailed inthe Murri Kubbi class. From this it

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hw0194 Cameron to Howitt 29/05/1902



but he would have no difficulty in gettinga wife as the totem would be his guide.As the intermarriage of Ipai and Kubbithaobtains [all - crossed out] almost universally wherethe Kamilaroi organisation prevailsit would I daresay be best to stickto them as the intermarrying classes.

I am sure that in many casesconsanguinous marriages are not approvedeven where tribal law might permit.I am sorry I can't give you the exact relation-ship between Nellie Matha wilduck [sic] andScotty Murri black duck.

Before receiving your letter I hadwritten to "Science of Man" on the subjectas I received a communication from the Editor.

I am sure you will be glad to berelieved from your official duties andwill now have more time to devote to youranthropological work and I awaitwith great interest the publication of your book. If you ever see Mr Fisonkindly remember me to him; it was througha letter from him in the Australasianto me five and thirty years ago that I firstbecame interested in Aboriginal matters.I am yours faithfullyALP Cameron

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hw0193 Cameron to Howitt 21/06/1900



The readers of such works are notvery numerous. The great majoritypreferring Deadwood Dick to Scientific Research

I sent a short paper some time ago to the Science of Manwhich published it in the Dear MembersWith kind regardsI amYours faithfullyALP Cameron

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