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XM161_ICDMS_lowres Notes on Attic Tribes in the case of Neaira



Attic tribesFrom Mr Fison May 5 1882

Hermann says the Attic people were divided into4 [Greek script]. The [Greek script] were divided into [Greek script]and "houses". [Here - crossed out] I find that [Greek script] refers to thethree divisions into [Greek script] Each of these is an [Greek script]Wachsmuth says that each phyle had these divisionsThey are evidently nothing morethan grades of society+ may be dismissed by us.I find the word "houses" to be [Greek script] + arrive to theconclusion that [Greek script] here is equivalent [Greek script]It is not merely an individual but "a family man"a house father. But here is a difficulty:Hermann says:30 houses = 1 [Greek script]30 [Greek script] = 1 [Greek script]3 [Greek script] = 1 [Greek script]Now why should a [Greek script] be limited to 30 [Greek script]I doubt this. On the other hand Thirlwall (so Liddell+ Scott say) gives 3 [Greek script] = 1 [Greek script]Wachsmuth says of the older divisions thateach [Greek script] contained 3 Trittyes + eachTrittys contained 4 Nancraria. The Trittyswere of later date than the [Greek script] and were"established to regulate the Megalenses of citizens."Each Nancraria had to furnish a band of horsemenand 1 sheep. Hence its name though somerefer it to [Greek script] = to dwell, an unlikely derivative.

On the whole it seems clear that the onlydivison of "Kin" are the [Greek script], the [Greek script], and perhaps the [Greek script].

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